Alice is currently pursuing film as a means of unifying their passion for both directing and writing stories. They are dedicated to putting diverse, personal, character-driven stories onscreen.

Addict Named Hal

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Alice's primary passion project of 2018 is "Addict Named Hal," which is both a short film in the making and a completed feature screenplay about a recently incarcerated heroin addict living in a halfway house.



Other Projects

Alice recently finished their short film, "Welcome Baby Anderson." On the day of their (soon-to-be) adopted baby's birth, Susan anxiously passes the time by making a home video, roping her reluctant wife Grace and niece Mar into the process.

Alice is also working on a screenplay called Bachelor, CO, a Western about a trans man and his family in a gender-segregated mining town. 


Alice has several film projects seeking various levels of financial support. If you believe in the work Alice is doing and want to be a crucial part of making it happen, contact them today.